Domestic waste

RWM handles all the city's waste facilities, such as waste collection points (Milieustraat), underground waste containers, and garbage trucks.

Separating trash

We recycle trash. Please separate:

  • Paper trash (i.e. cardboard, paper, cardboard boxes, magazines)
  • PMD (plastic, metals, cartons, i.e. grocery bags, plastic bottles, metal cans, juice- or milk cartons)
  • Bio waste (everything that composts, i.e. vegetables, plants, leaves, egg shells, coffee grind)
  • Residual waste (i.e. diapers, animal litter, ashes, tissues, dust & dirt)
  • Glass

Please note that plastic soda bottles can be returned to your grocery store. The bottles will be recycled and you will receive a 0,25ct refund for each bottle. 

Pick-up days

Residual and green waste is picked up every two weeks. Plastics and paper trash once every month. 

Pick-up days are different for every neighbourhood. Every address receives a so called "waste calendar", with year-round pick-up dates for all trash sorts. If you do not have the calendar, please visit to see pick-up days for your area.

Glass waste will not be picked up at your home. There are many glass bins throughout the city, usually near grocery stores or appartment buildings.

Please note it is not allowed to put your trash out on any other day than a pick-up day. Doing so can result in a fine. 

Underground containers

If you live in an appartment building, you will need a trash pass (Afvalpas) in order to use the underground waste containers. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we kindly ask you to apply for one online (Dutch)
You will receive the Afvalpas in your mail within 5 working days. 

Please note it is not allowed to put your trash next to the containers. Doing so can result in a fine. 

My Afvalpas got lost or stolen

Please call us immediately on 14046 or +31 477 77 77 so we can block your Afvalpas. You can apply for a new one. 

Waste collection points

The city has multiple waste collection points (Milieupark) where you can take your trash. For example if your trash is too big to fit in your trash bin, or if you simply have too much of it. A lot of trash can be disposed of for free. For more information on the Milieuparken, and possible prices please visit

Thrift stores

Furniture or clothes that you no longer want, but are in good condition can be brought to a thrift store. For more information see